The most impressive tournaments in World Cup history (Part 1)

Up to now, the World Cup history flows through 21 tournaments. Although the blink of an eye 21 times has passed, every tournament has left unforgettable marks for the audience.

The team that won the championship is not necessarily the best. But one thing everyone can know is that it is the team with the strongest teamwork skills.

What is the World Cup?

World Cup is abbreviated as WC. This is a soccer tournament for teams around the world organized by the FIFA International Football Federation. This tournament takes place every 4 years.

Learn about the format of the World Cup competition

Currently, only 32 of the most outstanding teams are allowed by the MC to attend the final round. The qualifying period was about 3 years earlier to determine which team received the ticket to the final round. Fans around the world for World Cup history have always had the most passionate attention.

Which teams have won the championship in World Cup history

As of 2018, 21 times have been organized and 8 countries have been honored to be crowned in the journey to conquer the World Cup.

Italy and Germany team with 4 times champion

Brazil team with 5 championships

Teams Argentina, France and Uruguay have all won two championships

And the champions have 1 coronation as England, Spain

The special marks in World Cup history

The teams with excellent performances in the WC

In the list of teams in World Cup winning history Argentina and France cannot be missing. In 1986, Argentina left a rare moment on the pitch when overtaking England and rising to the championship.

Next are two names that have won for themselves 4 honorable cups, that is Italy and Germany. In the match in Brazil 5 years ago, Mario Gotze gave a decisive goal. This helped Germany become the champion in this battle.

The teams have impressive results

Some football commentators have joked with each other that the World Cup season is tough with matches between Europe and South America. In 1930, the defending champion Uruguay had the honor of winning the first championship trophy on his home turf. Continuing in 1950, although Brazil fought at home, it still lost to Uruguay with a score of 2-1.