Looking back at the list of World Cup winning teams in history (Part 2)

Germany – Italy (with 4 winners)

The two teams that won the World Cup four times were Germany and Italy. After Brazil, the World Cup winners who are the top teams in World Cup history are Germany and Italy. Germany with World Cup winners (1954, 1975, 1990, 2014). This is considered the team that reached the most finals of football in World Cup football history.

Germany with 4 times world cup champion

Germany with 4 World Cup winners, thus placing itself on the list of World Cup winners over the years

Surely for football fans still remember thanks to Mario Gotze’s decisive goal straight into the Argentine goal in extra time in which Germany excelled as the defending World Cup champion defeating the team. The ball of the world’s best player Lionel Messi put Germany once again into the top of the World Cup champions teams in history.

Italy owns up to 4 gold cups at the world football championship

The list of the most World Cup winning teams certainly can not be ignored when Italy holds 4 gold cups. Italy won the World Cup in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006.

Through many World Cup seasons, the last time Italy won the championship was in 2006 when it defeated France on penalties 11m in the final. into one of the nations winning the World Cup after 24 years of waiting.

Argentina – Uruguay – France: 2 times

World Cup champions must be indispensable to Argentina, France and Uruguay when holding the World Cup champions twice in the World Cup championship history. So how many times did Argentina win the World Cup and in what years?

Before more than 93,000 viewers, Uruguay won the first cup at home, surpassing Argentina with a convincing score of 4-2. Then, in 1950, they set a record for the team with the least victory.

After 1978, it took 8 years after Argentina one once again won the championship thanks to the genius Diego Maradona with “The Hand of God” with a classic classic solo game through the other six players set up the best goal in World Cup history.