Basic things to know about the FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament takes place every 4 years. The tournament is held by the World Football Federation with the participation of FIFA member countries. The World Cup was first organized in 1930. It took place every four years except for 1942 and 1946 were interrupted for World War II.

As mentioned above, the World Cup is held every 4 years. It is the most anticipated large-scale football tournament in the world. Up to now, the World Cup has been held nearly 21 times. There have been 16 host countries and 8 countries standing on the podium.

Up to now, Brazil is the only team to have participated in 20 World Cup finals. The team won 5 championships. This is an incredible number, followed by Italy and Germany with 4 times.

Number of teams participating in the World Cup

From 1930 to the present, the World Cup has spent nearly a century with numerous changes in the number of participating teams. Specifically, in 1930 there were 13 teams, 1934-1978 this number was 16, since 1982-1994 the number of participating teams has increased to 24 and the most recent change has increased to 32.

The number of participating teams is increasing largely by the growing world football, the sport of the king has been and is more popular than ever.

In particular, according to the latest news, FIFA has accepted to increase the number of teams participating in the World Cup from 32 to 48 teams since the 2026 World Cup.

World Cup gold cup

According to development history, up to now, the World Cup has changed the gold cup 2 times as follows.

The cup of Nike winner goddess (1930 – 1970)

The first World Cup trophy was a figurine of the “Nike Victory Goddess”. It was created in 1928 by goldsmiths in Paris named Abel Lafleur. The trophy weighs 1.8 Kg with a marble base of USD 10,000.

As usual, this trophy has been given to the championship team to preserve. It is stored for 4 years before a new World Cup tournament begins and will be given entirely to the team that has won 3 times.

FIFA World Cup (1970 – present)

FIFA World Cup was born with the new law of awarding the Football Association of the world football. Under this rule, the FIFA World Cup will be a penalty shootout and no team can be awarded forever. The new trophy is cast in real gold with a height of 36.5 cm and weighs 6,175 Kg. This is a stone with elegant beauty, brilliant and quite good effects on the health of contact.