Looking back at the list of World Cup winning teams in history (Part 1)

Each World Cup passes by, leaving hundreds of professional stories, controversies and events. Above all is the crowning of the reigning World Cup champions. Which team won the World Cup the most? Follow this article to take a look back at the World Cup winning teams in history.

The number of times the World Cup has been won by soccer teams

World Cup is the world soccer championship organized by the World Football Federation – FIFA. Every four years, the world’s football fans are anxiously waiting for the fiery matches, cheering for their favorite team to raise the championship trophy. The countries that have won the World Cup include the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the most prominent is Brazil.

Let’s take a look at the number of WC championships of football teams to see that the World Cup deserves to be the most attractive tournament on the planet!

Brazil – Land of stars (5 times)

If you had to ask which country won the World Cup the most? Or the team that won the World Cup the most? then that answer is Brazil. Brazil – the motherland of football, is the birthplace of many bright and talented world football stars. Not to mention Pele, Romario, Falcao, Ronaldo, Garrincha, who brought Brazil to become one of the World Cup winning countries and up to now is Neymar. So how many times does Brazil win the World Cup?

Fast news football with the number of times the World Cup is 5 times, Brazil is considered the greatest team to participate in the full 21 seasons, with 5 champions and 2 runner-ups. Looking back at the history of the World Cups, Brazil first won the trophy in 1958 when it won 5-2 in the final in Sweden.

Four years later in Chile, the yellow-green warriors defended their throne in the match against Czechoslovakia to score 3-1. In 1970, Selecao – who was instrumental in bringing the cup once again to Brazil – brought the country into the World Cup championship team in history once again with a 4-1 victory.

But it took 24 years for Brazil to have the opportunity to step onto the coronation again in 1994. However, the last time Brazil lifted the gold cup was in 2002 when Ronaldo was shining to bring Brazil defeated Germany in the final place in Japan and South Korea.