FIFA postponed three World Cup tournaments until 2021

Concerned about the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, FIFA decided to postpone three tournaments including the Futsal World Cup, the U20 Women’s World Cup and the U17 Women’s World Cup until 2021.

Accordingly, the U20 Women’s World Cup 2020 takes place in Costa Rica Therefore, Panama is transferred to play from January 20 to February 6, 2121. Meanwhile, the U17 Women’s World Cup 2020 in India will start from February 17 to July 7.

Meanwhile, the Futsal World Cup 2020 in Lithuania are scheduled to play from 12-9 to 3-10-2021. At the same time, FIFA also decided to hold the 70th Congress in the form of online on September 18. This activity is instead of the fixed organization in Ethiopia as originally expected.

Futsal Asia 2020 is expected to start from August in Turkmenistan. Recently, to minimize the risk of injury to players when football tournaments return, FIFA has made an unprecedented proposal in history.

World Football is currently frozen due to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly all tournaments are postponed and face a tight schedule when returning. This could lead to players being overloaded, leading to injuries and other health problems.

So, to avoid unfortunate incidents with players, the World Football Association has made an unprecedented proposal in history. Specifically, FIFA decided to propose to increase the number of substitutions in the match from 3 to 5. If the match enters extra time, this number will increase to 6 changes.

FIFA made a decision of the history

It is known that this proposal will be applied by FIFA to all matches around the world. However, this decision of FIFA will only last until December 31, 2020. After that, the matches will return to the rule of replacing the same 3 people

In addition, to limit the teams taking advantage of this to buy time, FIFA is considering the ability to only allow each team to replace 5 people in 3 times, change the middle of the half or limit the substitution time.